Why City Style when we have plenty of parlors, salon and spas?

We give you three reasons :
i) Why go to salon when salon can come to you?
ii) No waiting time
iii) Last but not the least for the same quality of service our stylists are much better priced compared to your nearest salon. In fact most probably best priced amongst your nearby salons. Doesn’t e-commerce offer better deal always!

What equipments do City Style beautician carry? Do I require to arrange for some?

From wax heaters to pedicure tubs; Our beauticians carry everything in their bags - which also includes gowns, aprons, mat and hand towels!You only have to relax and enjoy services !

What about products beauticians carry?

We guarantee products used by our stylists are all genuine branded products. City Style offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed or moneyback promise. Some of the brands used by our professionals are VLCC, Lotus, Shahnaz Husain, L’Oreal Professional.

Can I trust the beauty professional coming to my house via City Style?

In one word – Absolutely! We do three different kind of background checks of any stylist that we enroll. We have their verified ID card details, address proofs, education and past employment proofs. We also assess quality of service of all our beauty professionals as we would not want anybody to touch your skin or hair if we don’t think they are qualified.

What are your work timings?

We provide services from 9 AM to 6 PM on all days.

How good are City Style beauticians, really?

All our beauticians have experience working in Tier 1 Salons.

Do you have any additional travel/delivery charges apart from the prices listed on the website?

No. All our charges will always be mentioned on the App or Website. No additional charges for transport etc. will be taken from you.

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